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Client Testimonial


“Thank you for all of your help. You did a great job and I did not lose custody of my daughter. I will let my friends know and send them your way when they are looking for an attorney.”

Client Testimonial


“I was arrested for extreme DUI. It was my first time going to jail, much less being in trouble. I had a permanent visa to be in the US and could be deported if I was found guilty. Matt believed in me and negotiated the dismissal of the extreme DUI. I plead guilty to a reckless driving, which did not impact my visa.”

Client Testimonial


“I was arrested and charged with a serious crime. I knew I was innocent, but no one believed me. My family hired Matt to take my case to trial. I was looking at more than 20 years in prison if found guilty. Matt did a great job at trial and I was found not guilty. After one year in county jail, Matt saved me. I am a proud marine who was happy to put my life in Matt’s hands.”

Client Testimonial


“A wholesaler tried to sell me a car. He brought it to my house, without my permission and refused to give me the title. The car was stolen that same day. The wholesaler sued me to recover the amount of the car. I hired Tony to go to trial. After the wholesaler presented his case, Tony requested a dismissal based upon the lack of evidence. The judge was convinced and ruled in our favor. The wholesaler had to pay my attorneys’ fees.”

Client Testimonial


“Matt did an extraordinary job at trial and won my case. He saved me from a license suspension and losing my job.”

Client Testimonial


“After my car accident, the insurance company would not even pay my medical bills. I hired Gonzales & Poirier, who settled my case for enough money to pay for my bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.”

Client Testimonial


“I was charged with criminal speeding in Williams, AZ. As a taxi cab driver, if I was convicted I would lose my job. I hired Matt to represent me. After a couple of months, Matt got my case dismissed.”

Client Testimonial


“I bought a used car from a dealership. When I tried to make my first payment, the dealership raised the payment without my permission. I told them that I did not want the car and gave it back to them. They sued me for $8,000.00. Tony took my case to trial and proved that this company was trying to rip me off. The judge found in my favor and ordered this dealership to pay my costs and attorney’s fees. Tony did a great job and I highly recommend him.”

Client Testimonial


“I slipped on ice in the parking lot of a big box store. I broke my ankle and hit my face on the ground. My first attorney dropped my case after the insurance company denied liability. I hired Tony Gonzales, who sued this company to recover money for my injuries. After the case was set for trial, I received a generous settlement. I can now move on with my life. Gonzales & Poirier are fantastic lawyers.”

Client Testimonial


“I was in an abusive relationship. My baby’s father was an abusive drug user who would not let me leave the house. I was in fear for my life. One day, without hesitation, I got in my car and drove away. He chased after me. I was in hiding when I received notice that he was trying to get joint legal decision making and equal parenting time. I hired Tony to help me at trial. We won. It was such a great feeling.”


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