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Truck About to Hit Car

Arizona Truck & Semi-truck Accident Personal Injury Help

Truck About to Hit Car

Trucks and semi-trucks are massive vehicles often hauling tons of equipment and goods. When these vehicles are carelessly or recklessly operated, severe injury and death can occur. Truck accidents often happen because the truck is carrying an unsafe load, poorly maintained, driving at an excessive speed, or operated by a fatigued or impaired driver. Because of their nature and size, trucks are also prone to rollovers and jack-knifing, which can cause an inordinate amount of damage and injury to surrounding motorists and pedestrians.

Stats On Trucking Accidents in Arizona

The numbers associated with trucking-related accidents is quite alarming. In 2012, Arizona experienced right around 11,000 truck-related accidents and of these, just under 100 people lost their lives and 3,200 others were injured. These figures break down to an estimated 30 truck-related accidents taking place on a daily basis across the state and an eye-opening two lives lost per week.

  • 11,000 truck-related accidents in 2008
  • Over 100 deaths occurred due to truck-related accidents in 2008
  • Approximately 3,200 injuries occurred due to truck-related accidents
  • Every day there are approximately 30 truck-related accidents
  • Each week, two people lose their lives due to truck-related accidents
  • There are over 430,000 licensed commercial vehicles.

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