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Minors with Alcohol in Car

Minor in Consumption or Possession of Alcohol

Minors with Alcohol in Car

Minor consumption of alcohol is a serious offense in the state of Arizona and one that could effect the accused regarding future job placement or educational opportunities.

Given the fact that minors who are charged with alcohol related offenses are ticketed rather than arrested and put in jail, many young offenders fail to recognize how serious the consequences can be for a minor in consumption or minor in possession of alcohol charge. If you, your child, is a minor facing alcohol related charges, it is of utmost importance that you speak with a knowledgeable defense attorney immediately.

Underage Consumption in Arizona: Know the Repercussions

Minor consumption and underage consumption should be taken seriously because it is a crime and a class one misdemeanor. In the State of Arizona it is illegal for any person to possess or have in their system alcohol. Consequences of underage consumption or possession of alcohol can vary depending on the circumstances related to the offense; nonetheless, both legal penalties as well as other non-legal ramifications must be considered if you or someone you know is convicted of a crime.

Legal Penalties for Minor Consumption / Possession

Underage consumption, possession or using a false identity to obtain alcohol can result in the following legal penalties:

  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse treatment;
  • Fines of up to $2,500 plus surcharges and court costs.
  • Driver’s license suspension of up to 2 years;
  • A permanent misdemeanor criminal record; and
  • Mandatory community service and/or substance abuse education class.

Additionally, criminal offenses of this sort are likely to carry negative consequences affecting the following areas of life:

  • Employment, both future and current;
  • Student privileges/status- offenses often result in disciplinary action being taken by educational institutions;
  • Acceptance to college and/or other educational opportunities;
  • Government programs; and
  • Scholarships and/or student aid.

If you are NAU/CCC student or a parent of a NAU student that has been arrested for minor consumption, minor in possession of alcohol, or minor driving under the influence of alcohol call the Law Offices of Gonzales and Poirier at 928-774-5400. The Law Offices of Gonzales and Poirier has dealt with hundreds of alcohol related offenses in courts throughout Northern Arizona and we can assist you in your case. We understand that you are students and offer discounts and easy payment plans for every budget.

If you already plead guilty to the crime of minor consumption, minor in possession of alcohol or minor driving under the influence see our previous blog on motions to set aside here. Call us at 928-774-5400 to discuss your case. Remember each criminal case is unique and this article is not a substitute to consulting an attorney.


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