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Scales of Justice & Gavel

Arizona Murder Charge Penalties

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Scales of Justice & Gavel

A murder charge is unquestionably the most serious crime you can be convicted of in the state of Arizona. If you’ve been charged with murder, contact our law offices as soon as possible to have our homicide defense lawyers begin working on your case immediately. There are two separate murder classifications of murder – First Degree and Second Degree.

First Degree Murder in Arizona

This is also known as ‘Murder One’ and is a crime that can be punished by the death penalty in Arizona. You can be found guilty of first degree murder if you knowingly and intentionally caused the death of another person in a premeditated manner. You can also be convicted of this crime for killing a police officer or an unborn child. It is a Class 1 felony and capital punishment is used in Arizona. Alternatively, you could receive life imprisonment without parole or with parole possible after 25 years.

Second Degree Murder in Arizona

The circumstances surrounding second degree murder are similar but this charge occurs when there is no premeditation. You can be found guilty of second degree murder if it is proven you intentionally killed someone or acted with indifference to human life. A conviction for this crime results in a 10- to 22-year prison sentence with an extra five years added if the victim is under the age of 15 or is an unborn child.


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