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Driving Under the Influence / DWI

Being charged with a DUI is a serious offense and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If charged with driving while impaired, blood alcohol above 0.08 percent, extreme DUI, or aggravated (felony) DUI, you should seek a DUI / DWI lawyer right away. The consequences of a DUI / DWI can be life altering. Do not try to represent yourself. Contact one of our experienced trial laywers, who are well-versed with Arizona laws, to negotiate with the state on your behalf.

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Wrongful Death Lawyers

Serious injury and wrongful death cases typically develop after a tragic accident or human negligence has occurred. Such cases are often the result of auto wrecks, motorcycle collisions, downed airplanes, and medical malpractice. Our lawyer’s goals include providing clients with the highest level of legal representation to obtain appropriate settlements, while doing so in an effective and compassionate manner.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Flagstaff personal injury lawyers and legal professionals understand how a major injury can affect your way of life, not only your professional career, but your personal affairs as well. Furthermore, a debilitating accident can result in permanent injuries, property damage, and lead to hefty medical bills. Trying to resolve these issues on your own is an uphill battle, which is why you should immediately seek a lawyer from an experienced law group.

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Criminal Law Representation

When charged with a crime, you need the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight on your behalf to ensure your rights are not violated. The defense attorneys at our law office know Arizona’s criminal and drunk driving laws (DUI / DWI), and we make sure that you receive the legal defense that you need. Don’t wait to obtain a lawyer, contact us today for a free case evaluation and the full legal protection you’re entitled to.

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Man in Hospital Bed Recovering

Malpractice & Negligence

Medical professionals are unique in the sense that people regularly entrust their lives to them. We often count on these individuals to administer appropriate medical care; however, when mistakes are made, the unfortunate results are often serious injury or death. Our law office takes legal action against medical providers that fail to meet certain standards, whether due to negligence, improper skill, or lack of experience.

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Divorce & Family Law

Whether in regards to a divorce or separation, custody dispute, child support agreement, termination of parental rights, child adoption, or prenuptial agreement, our Arizona divorce lawyers fight diligently for you and what is best for your child(ren). One aspect that sets our Arizona family lawyers apart from the rest, is that we recognize the complex emotional and financial hardships you may be facing and we strive to alleviate you of your stresses.

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