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Student in Handcuffs

I Just Got Arrested; It’s No BIG deal, Right?

Student in Handcuffs

It’s a sad fact that many students feel that being arrests is “no big deal,” unfortunately a criminal charge can have a significant impact on one’s future.


A lot of college students attending Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College have run-ins with NAU PD, Flagstaff PD, Coconino County Sheriff’s Department or Arizona Department of Public Safety. A majority of these students adopt the attitude that it is no big deal and getting arrested for small crimes like minor consumption, shoplifting, possession of marijuana/paraphernalia, trespassing is just part of the college experience. Before you adopt that attitude, you should consider what a criminal history can mean in your future.

These “small” and “petty” crimes will follow you and can have a lasting impact. Having a criminal history may make it more difficult to pursue a career as an: attorney, teacher, social worker, police officer, fireman, EMT, Peace Corp and any job you may need a security clearance. Even if you do need a security clearance for your dream job, more employers are doing background checks and will inquire if you were ever arrested and convicted of a crime. Since the job market has become extremely competitive, do you really want to explain to your future boss why your possession of marijuana when you were 19, was no big deal and everyone was doing it? Furthermore, a drug conviction could have consequences if you receive federal financial aid.

If you are NAU student or a parent of a NAU student that has been arrested for a crime, call us for a free consultation at 928-774-5400 and ask to speak to one of our three attorney’s Tony, Matt or Daniel. We understand that you are students and offer discounts and easy payment plans for every budget.


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