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Man Charged with Aggravated Assault

Arizona Aggravated Assault Charge Penalties

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Man Charged with Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault can also be known as battery in some states and it is a serious offense that is classified as a Class 3 or Class 4 felony.

In Arizona, What Causes an Elevated Aggravated Assault Charge?

There are many circumstances that can cause a regular assault charge to be elevated to aggravated assault including the use of a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon to place someone in fear or injury, causing serious physical injury and disfigurement, or a misdemeanor assault on a civil servant.

An aggravated assault charge can result in a five- to 10-year prison sentence even on one’s first offense. The sentence can be as much as 25 years in prison for a third offense.

How is Aggravated Assault Classified?

There are many conditions that can allow for Arizona law enforcement to charge an individual with aggravated assault. The main infractions that can lead to this type of assault charge are detailed below.

  • Serious physical injury takes place.
  • Use of a deadly weapon or instrument.
  • Causing temporary or long-term disfigurement.
  • The assault occurs while the victim is bound or physically retained.
  • Assault is committed after entering a private home of another.
  • An adult committing assault on a minor.
  • The accused assaults an individual in violation of an order of protection.
  • Attempting to take a peace officer’s firearm or weapon being used by the officer.

Arizona Threatening & Intimidating Charge Penalties

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Man Charged with Threatening & Intimidating Assault

If you threaten or intimidate an individual or their property you can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor in the State of Arizona.

Threatening & Intimidating by a Gang Member in Arizona

If the threat is made by a gang member or against a witness to a crime, the charge can be increased to a Class 3 felony which carries a 3.5-year prison sentence. Even causing a major public inconvenience, such as committing an act that causes evacuation of a public building can classified as assault.

How is Threatening or Intimidating Classified in Arizona?

In Arizona, a person is charged with threatening or intimidating if he or she threatens or intimidates by words or action, including the following instances:

  1. The cause of physical injury to someone else or severe property damage belonging to another person.
  2. Causing a serious public inconvenience, which could include the evacuation of a public location, assembly area, or transportation hub.
  3. Causing physical injury to someone else or severe property damage with the intention of promoting another person to participate in an illegal street gang, racketeering business, or criminal syndicate.


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