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home when she was struck by Kelsey Cody

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home when she was struck by Kelsey Cody

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a tragedy to become more aware of how to conduct our lives in a safer manner. Cyclists are extremely vulnerable to being struck by a car, so please be careful.

We are Flagstaff personal injury lawyers who are also avid mountain bikers. Unfortunately, there are many injuries that can occur while riding bicycles. In many instances, the cyclist is not seen by the automobile driver for many reasons. Because our cyclists our vulnerable to automobile drivers, bicycle collisions can cause terrible physical damage and injuries. Our firm has extensive experience handling bicycle accidents that result from the negligence of others, including cyclists struck by car and truck drivers who fail to see the rider and bike riders struck by cars failing to yield the right of way.

Why Hire Gonzales & Poirier for My Personal Injury Case?

The Law Office of Gonzales & Poirier has handled many accidents and injuries to pedestrians and cyclists caused by negligent drivers. We want to take some time to reiterate bicycle and pedestrian safety, especially in Flagstaff, which presents unique safety issues. Since our firm has avid bikers we know the risks and rewards of biking. Although drivers have a duty to cyclists and pedestrians, cyclists and pedestrians need to insure their own safety. You may be right, but you could be dead right when it comes to a pedestrian/cyclist car accident.

In fact, I was almost hit last Friday on south San Francisco by an RV which turned in front of me without using a blinker or signal. To use this as an example, I noticed the RV slowing down, I stopped for a second to look at the RV’s taillights, I did not see a signal or brake lights. I just did not feel the RV driver was acting right and indeed I was right. The RV’s right hand turn lights were not working and the RV turned right. If I did not slow down I know I would have probably been severely injured by the RV who did not signal and did not check his mirrors.

Bike Riding Safety Advice

The biggest safety tip I can give is this: be aware of your surroundings and ride like you are invisible. General tips to be safe as a cyclist:

  • If at all possible, avoid busy streets and take the road less traveled.
  • Light up your bike! Use a headlight and taillight, not because it’s the law after dark, but because it genuinely helps motorists to see you from a distance. Flashing (strobe-like) lights work the best for helping drivers determine the distance of the light source.
  • Signal when you decide to make a turn on city streets. After all, it’s the law under A.R.S § 28-756 it is the law.
  • Avoid fidgeting with MP3 players and mobile phones when riding. A distracted cyclist is a more vulnerable one.

Visit for more tips on avoiding collisions and bicycle riding safety. The City of Flagstaff lists these general tips on biking safety, which can be found on their website and reiterates the general tips above – that bikers be predictable, courteous, and alert.

The Law Office of Gonzales and Poirier wants drivers, pedestrians, and cyclist alike to be safe. We want everyone to make it home and hope that Flagstaff can cut down the reported 70-plus bike versus car accidents that take place each year. If you have been involved in an accident and have questions or concerns about your rights, please contact the Law Office of Gonzales and Poirier at (855) 774-5400 today!


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