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Arizona Restitution & Fines for Criminal Acts

Court fines Arizona

Once you have made a plea and have been found guilty of a violation, you are obligated to pay your fines on the day of sentencing. The fines handed out in Arizona are among the strictest in the country, and this can place a severe financial strain on you.

If you have been charged with a crime and are worried about the financial impact of being found guilty, it is imperative to contact a knowledgeable Arizona attorney to help you win the case. The fees charged by attorneys are a fraction of what you can expect to pay with a guilty verdict.

Summary of Fines

  • Felonies: Because the sentences for felonies in Arizona are so severe, few defendants ever think about the financial consequences. However, it is possible for you to be forced to pay out up to $150,000 in fines; this is the case even for Class 6 felonies.
  • Misdemeanors: You can expect to pay up to $2,500 for a Class 1 offense, up to $750 for a Class 2 offense, and up to $500 for Class 3 offenses. If you are found guilty of a petty offense, the fine could be as much as $300.
  • Fines against enterprises: The fines are even stricter for enterprises, and your company could be fined up to $1 million for a felony offense. Class 1 misdemeanors can cost $20,000, Class 2 can cost $10,000, and Class 3 can cost $3,000.
  • Drug offenses: The fines for drug offenses are relatively lenient in Arizona, with a standard $750 fine in place for most offenses. Possession or manufacture of hash and concentrates can land you a $2,000 fine. On the flipside, prison sentences are extremely tough and range from four months for possession to 12.5 years for trafficking.
  • DUI: Given Arizona’s get-tough stance on DUI, it is no surprise that the financial penalties are harsh. The base fine for a first offense is $250 and is $750 for a third offense, but this doesn’t tell the full story. By the time you pay all the fines, bills, and insurance, the total cost of a DUI can rise to $10,000!

Civil Cases

If you are convicted in a criminal proceeding, you are unable to subsequently deny any civil case brought against you by the state or any victim of your crime as long as the aforementioned case contains the essential allegations of the criminal offense for which you were found guilty. Even if you are ordered to pay restitution during a criminal trial, this does not stop a victim of your crime from launching civil proceedings against you for damages. Civil cases can result in the award of huge sums of money.

Keep Your Bank Balance Intact!

If you are accused of a crime in Arizona and are brought to trial, hiring a reputable Arizona defense attorney could be the best investment you ever make. At The Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier, we forensically examine all aspects of the case to increase your chances of success and help you avoid having to pay huge fines or civil court settlements.

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