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Man Under Arrest for DUI

Lawyer Matthew Poirier fights for his clients legal rights and gets charges reduces, preventing up to 120 days in jail and $3,800 in fines.

The State of Arizona is widely known for having a tough stance on DUI offenders, with penalties ranging from fees, jail time and license suspensions, to prison sentences in some cases. At the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier, we represent hundreds of clients each year in DUI related offenses; the results we have obtained for our clients speak for themselves and vouch for our commitment to aggressive, affordable, and effective representation in courts across the State of Arizona.

Our attorneys have amassed a record of consistently achieving impressive results for our clients with DUI charges, including reduced charges (such as numerous reductions to reckless driving, a traffic offense), prevention of license suspensions and multiple outright dismissals in which cases against our clients are thrown out of court.

Just recently, Matt Poirier successfully negotiated a plea agreement with the City of Flagstaff for a charge of Extreme Second DUI to an Extreme DUI. If our client was found guilty for an Extreme Second DUI he would be facing a mandated 120 days in jail and $3,800.00 in fines!

We were able to negotiate a plea agreement to an extreme DUI with with 9 days of jail instead of 120 days, work furlough so our client would not lose their job and a $2,800.00 fine. Matt was able to negotiate a favorable plea agreement because of his effective and aggressive representation. Matt pointed out legal issues about the stop and arrest and presented mitigating information about our client to the prosecutor.

If you have any questions about your criminal case or if you were recently stopped for a DUI contact the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier at 928-774-5400 or visit our website. We have obtained favorable results for clients throughout Arizona and Northern Arizona.

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