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“After I was struck by a car, while riding my bicycle, I was referred to Gonzales & Poirier by a friend of mine. Initially I was overwhelmed by the affect of the accident. Medical bills piled up very quickly and my wife and I both struggled to keep up with our college course work. Tony and his staff made things incredibly easy for my wife and I, while we were able to focus on recovering physically and emotionally. The staff at Gonzales & Poirier worked extremely hard on my case; making sure no stone was left unturned. As a result of their tireless efforts, we were able to settle with a maximum policy offer from the insurance company. Not only was the result more than I could hope for, the staff was very friendly and knew who I was every time I called.”

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“I slipped on ice in the parking lot of a big box store. I broke my ankle and hit my face on the ground. My first attorney dropped my case after the insurance company denied liability. I hired Tony Gonzales, who sued this company to recover money for my injuries. After the case was set for trial, I received a generous settlement. I can now move on with my life. Gonzales & Poirier are fantastic lawyers.”

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“After my car accident, the insurance company would not even pay my medical bills. I hired Gonzales & Poirier, who settled my case for enough money to pay for my bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.”

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Flagstaff, Arizona

Motorcycle Safety & Concerns Highlighted by Lightning Strike

Motorcycle crashes are considered among the worst, since these riders end up with very serious injuries or death. In Arizona, fatalities have increased 55 percent (%) during the year of 2011 to 132 deaths. The most common type of fatal accident is a rear-end collision. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Motorcycle Accident or any other type of accident, call the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier today at (928) 774-5400.

Motorcycle Accident Information

Motorcyclists that survive an accident, typically sustain serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier, are motorcycle accident attorneys that understand the seriousness of these types of accidents. Our attorneys have settled multiple cases involving motorcycle riders. Most of these cases involve distracted drivers. Motorists need to learn to share the road with motorcycles. Despite the best efforts of experienced riders, motorcycle accidents and the accompanying injuries are often caused by drivers failing to locate the motorcycle and providing the proper distance for maneuvering, failing to yield the right of way to motorcyclists, or other failures of obedience to traffic laws. Injuries from motorcycle accidents are often more serious than auto accident injuries because motorcycles provide less protection than a car or truck. Even with the proper protective clothing and headgear, a motorcycle accident can result in serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries. At the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier, PLLC, our experienced lawyers handle a wide variety of motorcycle related injury cases. If you are injured on a motorcycle because of the negligence of another driver, call the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier, at (928) 774-5400. WHAT PRECAUTIONS SHOULD I TAKE IF I AM A MOTORCYCLE RIDER?
  • It is first important to understand that helmets are the most effective way to prevent a motorcycle fatality or serious injury. Helmets are 37% effective in preventing injuries to the motorcycle rider and 41% effective in preventing injuries to passengers.
  • Don’t drink and ride. In 2010, 29% of motorcycle riders that died in an accident had alcohol in their system.
  • Reduce your speed. In 2008, 35% of motorcycle riders involved in a fatal accident were speeding.
  • Obtain motorcycle training. All beginners should be trained in basic motorcycle operating skills and safe riding. Arizona offers operator training courses.
ARE THERE FATALITIES IN ARIZONA DUE TO MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS? Arizona had 825 people who died in Motorcycle Accidents in 2011. This equate to 1 death every 11 hours. The Director of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said that the leading causes of fatal accidents include speeding, impaired driving, unused seatbelts and inattention. Although there are no numbers of texting related accidents, these accidents are very common in Arizona. WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE BEEN IN A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT?
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. Insurance companies will not pay your damages unless you can show that you were injured. Unfortunately, to prove that you have been injured, you need a physician to examine your injuries. This may also require that you receive chiropractic treatment or physical therapy. Our attorneys can help you find the right doctor.
  • Take lots of photos of your injuries or damage to your vehicle. Pictures are the best evidence to use in any case to prove negligence and damages.
  • Write down the names and phone numbers of witnesses. Our attorneys will contact each witness to get an accurate account of the accident.
  • Report the claim to the insurance company. After the accident, you should obtain the insurance information from the other driver. This will allow you to call the driver’s insurance company and make a claim for damages. You might also call your insurance company to make a claim. Sometimes your insurance company will assist you in getting your vehicle fixed or getting you a rental Motorcycle Accident.
  • Do not give a statement to the responsible party’s insurance company. Never give details about the accident to the other party’s insurance company. These adjustors will try to get you to admit fault. Wait until you have spoken with one of our attorneys.
  • Get a copy of the police report and verify that the report truly reflects what actually happened.​
  • Last, call the attorneys at the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier.
  • Property damage to your vehicle
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Punitive damages
  • If a loved one dies, we can recover damages for the victim’s family loss of the victim’s love and support
WHAT DO I DO IF I AM UNABLE TO MEET WITH THE LAW OFFICES OF GONZALES & POIRIER? Our attorneys are willing to meet you at your home or the hospital. We can accommodate night time and weekend visits. If necessary, we can arrange for your transportation. Please let us know by calling (928) 774-5400. WHY SHOULD I HIRE A LAWYER? After you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to payment for damages. Injuries may require medical and chiropractic Motorcycle Accidente that cost money. In addition, the law allows people to recover money for their pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, lost wages and loss of enjoyment of life. The insurance company for the responsible party should be paying the damages. So the question that always follows an accident is, “Do I need a lawyer?” Hiring a lawyer to help you work through your injury case may be the best decision you make. Trying to handle your case yourself will not serve your interests. Lawyers will act as a consultant and provide you answers to any questions you may have after an injury. When you are done treating for your injuries, your lawyer will make a demand for payment from the other party’s insurance company. It is important to hire a lawyer with experience in the courtroom and experience with arbitration and mediation. Hiring a lawyer without experience will cause insurance companies to undervalue your case. You want a lawyer that will be fair and honest, and one whose main concern is putting money in your pocket. Lawyers often lose sight of the fact that they were not the ones injured – the client was injured. Why do we need to hire a Flagstaff Lawyer to settle your Motorcycle Accident case? This is a question that we ask ourselves after experiencing a Motorcycle Accident. Our initial instincts are to call a lawyer. But who do we call first? The insurance company. Insurance companies know that after a person is in an accident, they are going to call the responsible party’s insurance company first. For this reason, insurance companies are friendly and courteous. They want to help you settle your case as quickly as possible. You think that the insurance company is on your side. You start to feel thankful. After your vehicle is fixed, they offer you some money for your trouble. At this point, you tell them that you are sore and stiff – and maybe have pain. What do they say? They remind you that you said you were fine after the accident. They tell you that you cannot change your mind. Next thing you know is that the insurance company mails you a check for a few hundred bucks and calls it a day. This happens way too often. This is the reason you need to hire experienced accident Flagstaff Attorney. At the law offices of Gonzales and Poirier, we are accident Flagstaff Lawyers. We are trial lawyers and are not afraid to file lawsuits when necessary. Like our advertisement says, “We Sue Negligent Drivers.” We know that insurance companies will try to swindle you out of necessary money that could pay for your medical treatment or money for your pain and suffering. After an accident you may not immediately feel sore or stiff or even have pain. But you will later. When? It might not occur for several days, weeks or months. Shouldn't the responsible party have to pay for this? Yes. Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Flagstaff Attorney will be the best decision you ever make.