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Arizona Legal Glossary

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Welcome to the Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier’s legal glossary.

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  • Acquit
    Acquit: / kwit/ verb When a defendant is found to be not guilty of the crime he has been a [...]
  • Affidavit
    Affidavit: /afidvit/ noun A written statement of fact that is signed and sworn in the pres [...]
  • Bailiff
    Bailiff: /blif/ noun An individual acting as a courtroom attendant; a bailiff’s duti [...]
  • Bench
    Bench: /benCH/ noun Refers to the location where the judge sits during a case. The judge c [...]
  • Burden of Proof
    Burden of Proof: Refers to the fact that one of the parties in a dispute has to prove thei [...]
  • Case Number
    Case Number: As there are many cases heard by courts in Arizona, each specific case is giv [...]
  • Contempt
    Contempt: /kntem(p)t/ noun Blatant disregard for a court’s order. The defendant was [...]
  • Counterclaim
    Counterclaim: /kountrklm/ noun When the defendant makes a claim against the plaintiff. The [...]
  • Delinquent Act
    Delinquent Act: An act committed by a minor that would be considered a crime if committed [...]
  • Dismiss
    Dismiss: /dismis/ verb Closure of a case without the plaintiff receiving the relief sought [...]
  • Dissolution of Marriage
    Dissolution of Marriage: In the state of Arizona, this is the term used for divorce. The c [...]
  • Emancipation
    Emancipation: /imans pSHn/ noun When a child decides to become independent from his or her [...]
  • Ex Parte
    Ex Parte: /eks pärt/ adjective & adverb A Latin term for when one party looks for [...]
  • Exhibit
    Exhibit: /igzibit/ noun An object or document that is produced as evidence during a trial. [...]
  • Family Court
    Family Court: A trial court that possesses jurisdiction over all family cases, including d [...]
  • Felony
    Felony: /feln/ noun A serious crime that is likely to result in a lengthy prison spell if [...]
  • Forcible Entry and Detainer
    Forcible Entry and Detainer: A proceeding for returning possession of property or land to [...]
  • Garnishment
    Garnishment: /gärniSHmnt/ noun A legal method of withholding the debtor’s money [...]
  • Grand Jury
    Grand Jury: A team of 12 to 16 citizens who are chosen to be jurors and are expected to se [...]
  • Hearing
    Hearing: /hi()riNG/ noun When the court schedules a proceeding for a certain time and date [...]
  • Incorrigible
    Incorrigible: /inkôrijbl,-kär-/ noun A reference to a juvenile who cannot be ma [...]
  • Injunction
    Injunction: /injNG(k)SHn/ noun When the court orders an individual not to commit certain a [...]
  • Irretrievably Broken
    Irretrievably Broken: In the state of Arizona, the courts use this standard to decide if a [...]
  • Judge Pro Tempore
    Judge Pro Tempore: An individual who is assigned to perform a judge’s duties on a te [...]
  • Jurisdiction
    Jurisdiction: /joorisdikSHn/ noun A court’s authority or power to act. A court needs [...]
  • Lawyer
    Lawyer: /loi-r,lôyr/ noun An individual licensed by the state to represent people in [...]
  • Long-Arm Statute
    Long-Arm Statute: This is a statute that allows a state court to exercise jurisdiction in [...]
  • Mediation
    Mediation: /md SHn/ noun A process where a third party is used to attempt to help the conf [...]
  • Misdemeanor
    Misdemeanor: /misdimnr/ noun A crime that is less serious than a felony. It may result in [...]
  • Notice of Appearance
    Notice of Appearance: Refers to a paper filed in court that notifies the court and other p [...]
  • Oath
    Oath: /TH/ noun Refers to swearing or affirming that something is true. You can be prosecu [...]
  • Order to Appear
    Order to Appear: Also known as an order to show, this is a court order that directs an ind [...]
  • Parenting Plan
    Parenting Plan: A written document that contains an agreement between parents; the plan ou [...]
  • Paternity
    Paternity: /p ternit/ noun A determination that establishes a man as the legal father of a [...]
  • Preliminary Hearing
    Preliminary Hearing: A court proceeding that is used to decide if there is enough evidence [...]
  • Registration of an Order
    Registration of an Order: This refers to family law and involves ensuring an out-of-state [...]
  • Respondent
    Respondent: /rispändnt/ noun The party who answers a complaint during a civil case; a [...]
  • Rest
    Rest: /rest/ noun Once one side of a case has presented all of its evidence, it is said to [...]
  • Small Claims Court
    Small Claims Court: A court that presides over small claims cases and can award claims up [...]
  • Superior Court
    Superior Court: A trial court that has a courthouse in every county in the state. The Supe [...]
  • Testimony
    Testimony: /test mn/ noun This is comprised of statements made by witnesses who have taken [...]
  • Transcript
    Transcript: /transkript/ noun A word-for-word account of court proceedings that is officia [...]
  • Uncontested
    Uncontested: / nkntestid/ adjective Refers to a case in which all issues are resolved and [...]
  • Voluntary Acknowledgement
    Voluntary Acknowledgement: A process that allows parents to establish paternity without th [...]
  • Waiver
    Waiver: /wvr/ noun The process of deliberately surrendering a known right or privilege. Th [...]
  • Warrant
    Warrant: /wôrnt,wä-/ noun A court authorization that allows for the arrest of a [...]

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