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Flagstaff’s Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Train Safety

Train at Railroad Crossing

Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike need to be aware of their surroundings, especially when going over railroad crossings, as trains do not have the luxury of being able to stop quickly.

One of the many tourist attractions that Flagstaff has to offer is the railroad that travels through the center of town. Although the sound of the train tracks at work is simply exhilarating, it comes with a major issue of safety. Railroads are private property, and no matter which railroad owns that property, trains have the right of way 100% of the time. Trains receive right of way over police vehicles, over fire trucks, over ambulances. No matter the case the train has the right of way and there are a variety of reasons as to why.

Train Safety Information

Currently the state of Arizona has over 2,200 miles of railroad track running throughout the state. Annually, over five million tons of goods travel out of the State of Arizona and over thirty one million tons of goods travel into the state of Arizona through the use of trains. Goods such as coal, lumber, wood products, stone, glass metal products, chemical and metallic ore, stone products and farm products use the railroad to transport goods.

A typical locomotive weighs roughly 400,000 pounds. If a train was is carrying 100 rail cars it can weigh up to 6000 tons! A train to a car is like a car to a can of soda, and this displays a major safety issue. With such a great amount of weight behind the direction of which it is headed, trains can take up to 1 mile to reach a complete stop. By the time a railroad conductor can see a pedestrian or vehicle it is more than likely too late for the train to come to a complete stop, because of that it is completely up to you to prevent a collision.

We all have see vehicles and pedestrians trying to beat the train at San Francisco, Beaver and Enterprise. We see these cars and pedestrians drive and run past the closing gates, flashing lights and ringing bells. We also see locals and tourist parked in the middle of the railroad tracks oblivious to the dangers. Remember, the train tracks in Flagstaff are active and on any given day about sixty trains travel through Flagstaff.

Safety precautions you can take in order to avoid a collision with a train would be always expecting a train to be on the tracks when approaching a railroad. Never anticipate that a railroad is out of commission simply because of rusty tracks and weeds growing. Do not mix recreation with rail road tracks. If the gates to a rail road track are coming down or if the lights are flashing then do not cross them and avoid blocking the tracks at all costs. Only cross the tracks at designated crossing locations, and last but not least look both directions before entering a railroad crossing.

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