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AZ FELONY DUI CHARGE: Penalties Can Be Harsh & Strict

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol is a crime that is treated extremely seriously in Arizona. In fact, DUI penalties in the state are known to be among the harshest in the entire United States. In the vast majority of cases, those accused of DUI will be charged with a misdemeanor, but in certain circumstances, the charge can be upgraded to a felony, which carries a severe punishment. At Gonzaels & Poirier, PLLC our law team aggressively approaches each case we review. We diligently fight to ensure your rights are upheld and go toe-to-toe with the state prosecutor; working to get charges reduces and dismissed. To learn more about how our lawyers can help with your Flagstaff DUI case, call (855) 774-5400 or click the button below!

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Arizona Felony DUI Penalties

Because the state of Arizona has various DUI classifications, it is easy to get confused. However, you should know that extreme and super extreme DUI charges are not necessarily felonies. These charges depend on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) while you were driving. In Arizona, you can be arrested and charged for DUI if your BAC is above 0.08 percent; this level is reduced to 0.04 percent if you are operating a commercial vehicle.

An extreme DUI charge occurs when your BAC is 0.15 to 0.19 percent, and a super extreme DUI is when your BAC is over 0.2 percent. Although either conviction carries a greater punishment than a misdemeanor DUI, neither is classified as a felony.


All felony DUI charges revolve around the other circumstances surrounding a DUI conviction. You can be convicted of a felony DUI if you are guilty of the following:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs if there is someone under the age of 15 in the vehicle with you.
  • Committing three or more DUI offenses within a seven-year period. Time spent in prison is excluded, and the previous offenses are not restricted to the state of Arizona, so if you commit two DUI offenses in California, for example, and commit a third offense in Arizona within a seven-year span, you can be charged with a felony DUI.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs when your license is cancelled, revoked, refused, or suspended, or if any restriction has been placed on your license.
  • Causing a serious accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Consequences for DUI in Arizona are severe. The mandatory minimum prison sentence is four months and you could be hit with fines of over $150,000. Your driver’s license is likely to be suspended for at least three years, and you’ll need to submit to mandatory alcohol screening and attend specific classes. The maximum penalty for a first-time felony DUI is 3.75 years in prison!

A second felony DUI conviction sees you hit with a minimum prison sentence of 27 months while the maximum sentence is 7.5 years. A third conviction leads to a minimum six-year prison sentence and a maximum sentence of 15 years!


At The Law Offices of Gonzales & Poirier, we know the stakes are high when it comes to felony DUI charges. Our attentive team will thoroughly examine all aspects of the case in a bid to prove your innocence or find mitigating circumstances. We have a long history of successfully defending our clients, so call (855) 774-5400 or click here to contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about the incident and plan of action moving forward.